Park Industrial Cugir
8A Victoriei St., 1st floor Cugir, Alba
Tel: +40 258 750 626, +40 258 750 626
Parc Industrial Cugir was established in 2002. It has 63,000 square meters and an occupancy rate of 90%. Here operate 36 businesses that have created 430 jobs, after 362,000 euro investments. The owner is Alba County. PCI is a founding member of the innovative national cluster, the Competitiveness Pole Metalworking Transylvania, Metallcluster Siebenburgen, Cluster Metal Manufacturing Transylvania (PREL-MET Transylvania)
Eurobusiness Park Oradea
1-3 P-ta Unirii, room 134, Oradea, Bihor
Tel: +40 359 889 389, +40 259 408 82
Eurobusiness Industrial Park is located at the entrance to Oradea from Varna Bors, having a street frontage of 1.2 km on E60. The Industrial Park is divided into lots, which in turn are divided into plots with different surfaces (the smallest plot measuring 3,575 square meters). Both the plots and the lots are modular and can be resized, according to needs and the intended investments. S.C. EUROBUSINESS PARC ORADEA S.R.L. is formed with the City Council of Oradea as its sole shareholder.
Electrocontact Industrial Group
Calea Nationala no. 6 710010 - Botosani, Botosani
Tel.: +40 231 513 710
Fax: +40 231 517 172
Botosani Industrial Park is managed by SC Electromining SA Botosani, an associated legal person of Electrocontact Industrial Group SA. The park is located in the northern part of Botosani city, on DN 29B. It was created under a public-private partnership and has a total area 129,500 square meters. Electrocontact Industrial Group is the leading provider of solutions in the field of electrical distribution and control appliances, for both the domestic and industrial use.
6 Aeroportului St. Ghimbav, Brasov
Tel.: +40 268 402 949
Fax: +40 268 401 216
Industrial Park Brasov offers Greenfield-type spaces for long-term rent, destined for production activities, storage and offices. The halls are executed in accordance with the specific requirements of each customer. Construction started in 2007. The total area is 39 hectares. There are complete networks of road and utilities infrastructure. Today there are 72,000 built square meters, at 100% occupancy degree, and a platform with 2,500 employees.
3 Republicii St., Fagaras, Brasov
Tel: +40 721375 444, +40 723 140 277
Fax: +40 368 814 283
Nitroparc Ltd. was established in 2006 as a management society for Fagaras Industrial Park. The hardened security infrastructure of most of its administered buildings is one of the "strengths" of the location. Fagaras Industrial Park is located in the south-west of the chemical platform from Fagaras, on an area of 10 ha, being connected through DJ104 C to the transport infrastructure of the town. Its closeness to the future Transylvania Motorway (about 5 km) is another advantage.
Zarnesti Industrial Park
Aleea Uzinei no.l/A, Brasov, Brasov
Tel: +40 368 459 178
SC Brem Company SA owns and manages Zarnesti Industrial Park, together with Zarnesti Local Council. Available for rental and purchase are industrial spaces, commercial spaces, offices, plots of land within the built-up area, the park's surface being 360,000 square meters. In the park operate three Italian companies specializing in the production of industrial precast concrete and metal components.
Tel: +40 268 362 658
Fax: +40 268 362 788
Graells & Llonch Administrare Pare Industrial SA operates an industrial park at Prejmer with an area of 839,000 square meters, being one of the largest parks in the country. The park offers a wide range of investment options, because there are areas for industrial operations, logistics and retail, with surfaces between 1,000 and 21,000 square meters. Graells & Llonch Industrial Park is managed by a company run jointly by members of state institutions and private shareholders, to ensure cooperation with the local authorities.
Carfil Industrial Park
119 Zizinului St. Brasov, Brasov
Tel: +40 268 333 674
Fax: +40 268 321 244
An industrial park located in Bra§ov city, at the junction of the main national and international communication routes that transit Romania. The first functional industrial park in Brasov, Carfil Industrial Park comprises over 44 companies of industrial production and various services. The park area is 18,700 square meters, of which 11,000 square meters represent production and office spaces.
Metrom Industrial Park
60 Carpa(ilor St., Brasov, Brasov
Tel: +40 368 101 012
Fax: +40 368 101 013
Metrom Industrial Park is the second functional industrial park in Brasov and includes over 14 companies of industrial production and various services. The industrial park area is 63,700 square meters, and the built area is 27,000 square meters. This is of particular interest to investors, given both its geographical location and its direct access to the technical and utilities infrastructure necessary conducting economic activities.
Arc Industrial Park
3 /103 Horea St., Cluj Napoca, Cluj
Tel: +40 264 406 817, +40 264 433 303
Arc Park is located in the town of Dej, 50 km NE of the city of Cluj-Napoca, on DN1C, and has an area of 40,185 square meters, being a private investment. Also, the park is located 37 km from Cluj Napoca International Airport. The administrator company also holds a license as an energy supplier. There are two companies that are now active in the park.
S.C. Reif Construct S.R.L.
64 A Iugoslaviei St., ap. 3 and 4, Cluj Napoca, Cluj
Tel: +40 264 406 066
Fax: +40 264 432 425
S.C. REIF Construct S.R.L. is developing infrastructure projects. In N-W Romania, Cluj County, it has recently constructed an industrial area for companies that want to establish in the region. On an area of 44 hectares (440,000 square meters), these companies have access to high quality infrastructure, a rich labor market and a favorable environment for business development. Reif Industrial Zone is adjacent to Campia Turzii city.
47 Taietura Turcului St., 400221, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Tel: +40 264 407 900/901/902,
Fax: +40 264 432 750
Tetarom I Industrial Park is the first industrial park in Cluj County and was inaugurated in 2005. It has an occupancy rate of 100%, with over 50 companies, 2,000 employees and more than 60 million euros invested by its customers. Tetarom II has operated since 2006 and all the 120,000 square meters are occupied by Emerson SRL, a company that has 1,200 employees and has invested more than 120 million euros. Tetarom III has 1.54 million square meters and an occupancy rate of 75%; over 1,500 people work here, after investments of 200 million euros. Tetarom IV is developing across 850,000 square meters in Feleacu and will be completed in 2015.
Mangalia Industrial Park
1 Intrarea Portului St., PO no.l, PO Box-32, Mangalia, Constanta
Tel/Fax: +40 341 566 942
Mangalia Industrial Park covers an area of 13.1 ha and is located at a distance of 1.5 km from the west of the town. The land is owned by the City of Mangalia. The park has easy access to the DJ 391 county road, Mangalia Negru-Voda, as well as to the E 85 European highway {DN 39) Constan^a-Mangalia. It has access to the railway and to the port of Mangalia. Its closeness to the Bulgarian border creates opportunities for the development of import-export activities and cross-border cooperation.
Moreni Industrial Park
16 D Teis St., Moreni, Damboviţa
Tel/Fax: +40 245 668 490
Moreni Industrial Park is located in the eastern part of Moreni town, Dambovita County, a town with ancient industrial traditions. Moreni Industrial Park offers on lease: indus-trial buildings between 100 square meters and 14,000 square meters, administrative spaces, covered warehouses, outdoor warehouses, 88,000 square meters of greenfield. Currently, activities in the park are diverse: from clothing molds for the automotive industry, to leisure boats and textiles.
Priboiu Industrial Park
60 Aleea Sinaia St. Priboiu Village, Branesti Commune, Dambovita
Tel/Fax: +40 245 231 211
Priboiu Industrial Park is an investment of nearly 15 million euros Dambovita County Council has made with the help of the European Union through the PHARE Program. It is situated 14 km north of Targoviste and less than 100 kilometers from Bucharest. The park has an area of 32 hectares. The intention of its management is to host mainly manu-facturing and financial-banking activities, but also consulting, design, research-development, and logistics.
S.C. Avalon Pare Industrial S.R.L.
Tel: +40 722 237 597
Strategically located in South-Central Romania, the Industrial Park RACARI covers an area of 238,466 square meters and presents great development opportunities for large industrial projects. The park's technical infrastructure, inherited from a disaffected industrial site, includes a massive power supply connection, a high pressure gas station, 16 deep water shafts and a sewage system, all of which represent significant cost savings for any future development.
S.C. Craiova Industrial Park S.A
10 Aviatorilor St., Ghercesti, Dolj County, code 207280, Platforma Avioane Craiova
Tel: +40 251 466 185
Craiova Industrial Park is located in the eastern part of Craiova city, on the E574 European highway, at the entrance of Bucharest and at about 6 km from the city center. The land is adjacent to an area that currently comprises Craiova International Airport, a shopping area and the branch offices of the main car-producing manufacturers in Europe. There are land plots with an area of 18.30 ha.
Galati Industrial Park
Strada Domneasca no. 38, Galati
Tel: +40 721 845 487
Galati Industrial Park is located close to the borders of Moldova and Ukraine, with access to the DN 2B national road and to rail transport - it is connected both to the broad-gauge railway networks used in the CIS and Asian countries and to the standard European railway networks. In addition, it is connected to the European Union through the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, which links the North Sea to the Black Sea. Galati Industrial Park extends over a total area of 21.8 ha.
Giurgiu-Nord Technological and Industrial Park
Soseaua Bucuresti 351 cod 080304
Tel: +40 246 210 994
The Giurgiu Nord Technological and Industrial Park (PTIGN) is located in the northern part of Giurgiu on the DN5 national road. The distance from the capital is 65 km and from Otopeni Airport - 75 km. PTIGN is 3 km from the Danube port of Giurgiu, and the Giurgiu Customs are 1 km from PTIGN. PTIGN has access to the Giurgiu-Nord Railway. Its patrimony consists of land, buildings and infrastructure, which are leased for a period of 30 years by the shareholders of S.C. Dunareana S.A. Giurgiu.
462 Bumbesti St. Bumbesti-Jiu, Gorj
Tel: +40 253 463 400
The Gorj Bumbesti-Jiu Industrial Park is located in Bumbesti-Jiu, in the south-eastern section of the town. The total area of the park is 186,200 square meters, with built areas of 38,000 square meters, 20,000 of which are currently occupied. In the northern part, the Industrial Park has a rail line that connects to the national railway in the Bumbesti-Jiu train station. Craiova Airport is located at a 120-km distance.
Hunedoara Industrial Park
2 DJ 687 St. Hunedoara, Hunedoara
Tel: +40 354 416 553
It is a project with an area of 20.23 ha, located on the 687 Hunedoara-Deva County Road, at the entrance to the town of Hunedoara. Being in the suborder of Hunedoara City Council, the park offers investors a range of facilities and partners the best prices. There are 20 companies here. Investors are granted the opportunity to lease or purchase the land plots. Spaces for offices can be rented in the administrative headquarters.
Calan Industrial Park
401 Decembrie St. Calan, Hunedoara
Tel: +40 254 730 223
Calan Industrial Park is in the execution phase, being achieved through the Axa 4.2. Regional Operational Program and is posi-tioned between the Simeria-Petrosani Fourth Railway Corridor and DN 66, 10 km away from the Al Deva-Orastie-Sibiu Motorway. The total area of the park is 41,643 ha. Hie park also has a head office / business center. The park will be operational by the end of 2013.
S.C. Tehnopolis S.R.L.
10 Poitiers St., 1st floor lasi, lasi
Tel: +40 332 102 208
The Tehnopolis Scientific and Technological Park has been accepted for co-financing through the PHARE Program 2000. Tehnopolis offers rental space (offices, production spaces), plots of developed land, exhibition spaces, seminar and conference rooms, and a business incubator. The field of activity areas is widening, companies from various activity domains operate in the Tehnopolis Scientific and Technolog-ical Park from lasi.
Bucharest Industrial Park
Al, km 23, Bucuresti-Pitesti, Bucuresti, Ilfov
Tel: +40 740 078 004
Bucharest Industrial Park (BIP), located 23 km from the capital center, on the Al Bucharest-Pitesti Highway, has been developed on the basis of a Romanian (the Ratiu family) - Belgian (Wilmarc Invest & Attis) partnership and consists of a 173-hectare park. Bucharest Industrial Park has so far generated investments of over 70 million euros, which led to the creation of over 1,000 jobs. The main companies in Bucharest Industrial Park (BIP) operate in logistics, ware-housing and the light industry.
Pro Faur Invest
255 Basarabia St. Bucuresti, Ilfov
Tel: +40 212 552 989
S.C. Pro Faur Invest S.A. - located in one of the most developed industrial areas in Bucharest -manages Faur Industrial Park, offering consultancy to investors on the rental of industrial, production, storage spaces and logistics centers. The entire range of utilities is ensured for the leasable spaces, in accordance with the standards in force - water supply, industrial and storm sewage, electricity, gas, access roads, telecommunications, industrial equipment without operators.
METAV S.A. Bucharest
67-77 Biharia St. Bucuresti, Ilfov
Tel: +40 215 997 765
Metav Industrial Park is located in the northern area of Bucharest, Baneasa district. The built surface covers 60,976.81 square meters (10,206.3 square meters of administrative spaces and 50,769.76 square meters of storage and production facilities), the usable area being 75,983 square meters (26,767 square meters of administrative spaces and 49,216 square meters of storage and produc-tion facilities). METAV SA is listed on RAS-DAQ under the symbol METV.
319 Splaiul Independentei St., Bucuresti, Ilfov
Tel: +40 213 189 177, +40 213 169 178
Sema Pare Industrial Park is located in the western part of the capital, in the 6th sector, on Splaiul Independentei, less than 10 minutes away from the city center. Developed on a significant land surface, it provides the companies operating here all the necessary amenities for organizing and carrying out commercial, logistic and production activities. There are class B office space, storage and production spaces available.
1/G Vidrasau Ungheni Platform, Ungheni, Mures.
Tel: +40 265 433 620, +40 265 433 632
After winning a Phare project of almost 6 million euros, Mures County Council managed to start the largest industrial project in the area. At present, MIP employed more than 1,700 people. The Industrial Park is administered by S.C. MURES INDUSTRIAL PARK S.A., where the majority shareholder is the Mures County Council. There are 7.5 ha available from a total of 45 ha, divided into plots with an area between 2,900 to 35,000 square meters.
S.C. Brazi Industrial Park S.A.
13 Piatra Craiului St., Brazi, Prahova
Tel: +40 244 547 499, +40 244 545 549
S.C. Brazi Industrial Park S.A. is situated in the village of Brazi, Prahova County, in the northern part of the Brazi industrial platform, close to the DN la national road (the city belt of Ploiesti) and its intersection with the DN lb national road. It is located on the Brazi industrial platform, which also hosts one of the most important petrochemical plants. The area pertaining to the company is about 46 ha, 14 ha of which include built areas (halls, warehouses, etc.).
Plopeni Industrial Park
7 Armoniei St., ground floor Plopeni, Prahova
Tel: +40 244 221 431
Plopeni Industrial Park is located in Prahova County, on the Ploiesti-Slanic county road, at a distance of about 15 km from Ploiesti, and has a total area of 36.47 ha, of which 4.02 ha built area. At present, a total of 30 companies are operative in Plopeni Industrial Park, both individuals and companies, which have created a total of 407 jobs.
Ploiesti Industrial Park
Ploiesti, OP. 1, CP. 147
Tel: +40 244 434 028
Ploiesti Industrial Pare was developed in 2002. Now it has a total surface of 162,600 mp, and it is one of the largest industrial parks in Romania. Due to the 100% occupancy rate in Ploiesti, additional parks are created in Urlati, Mizil and Ciorani, the only surfaces available now are located in Mizil and Ciorani.
Aricestii Rahtivani, Prahova SC ALLIANSO BUSINESS PARK SRL
Soseaua Ploiesti-Targoviste Km 8, East Zone, Trup II, 1st floor, room 5, Prahova, Romania
Tel: +40 344 228 200
PLOIESTI WEST PARK, the largest industrial and business park in SE Europe, mainly focuses on light production, logistics and industrial activities (surface > 285 ha; HOha al-ready developed in less than 4 years). The park is developed by ALINSO GROUP, an international real-estate and green energy projects Belgian developer. PLOIESTI WEST PARK has direct access to DN 72 Ploiesti-Targoviste road, A3 Bucharest-Budapest highway (currently completed until 20 km away from the park) and is located 45km away from Henri Coanda International Airport. The park has access to the services of ALLIANSO TERMINAL, the first open and independent railway intermodal terminal in Prahova County.
Parc Industrial Jibou
41Decembrie 1918 St., Jibou, Salaj
Tel: + 40 260 640 558
It will be developed on the industrial platform Ciglentir, in the city of Jibou, Salaj county. Investors can negociate for 100 lots part of a surface of 22 ha, which is the total surface of the industrial park. The municipality estimates 1.000 jobs will be created by the investors in the park.
Automecanica Industrial Park
41 Aurel Vlaicu St., Medias, Sibiu
Tel: +40 269 803 646, +40 269 803 606
Automecanica Industrial Park is geographically positioned in the center of the country, being located in the town of Medias, Sibiu County, at a distance of 39 km from Sighisoara and 55 km from Sibiu. It has direct access to the European road and railway network. It is situated at a distance of 60 km from Sibiu International Airport. There are 700 employees in the industrial park.
Parcul Industrial Sibiu SA (PalS)
1 Telefoanelor St., Selimbar, Sibiu
Tel: +40 269 210 503
Fax: +40 269 211 831
Parcul Industrial Sibiu has an area of approximately 100 hectares. It is located in Selimbar - Sibiu, at 7 km from Sibiu International Airport. In the Industrial Park operate leading companies in fields such as: metal processing, metal structures, chip removal machining. It has an area of 98.4 hectares. The companies that have so far chosen PalS to develop their businesses are: Caucho Metal Productos, Caucho Metal Productos Total, Euromanage-ment, S.A.G. CNC Technik, Ejes. Many other companies have also submitted applications to operate in this location, which offers foreign or domestic investors an European economic climate and numerous amenities.
S.C. Parcuri Industriale Sibiu - Şura Mica S.A.
10 Pare Industrial St., Şura Mica, Sibiu
Tel: +40 269 577 440, +40 269 577 441
The Sibiu-$ura Mica Industrial Park is located on the territory of$ura Mica, west of Sibiu. The land is owned by the Local Council of §ura Mica, with a total area of 98.61 ha, to which are added the necessarily integrated local roads, i.e. 0.56 ha. The Industrial Park area includes industrial plots with surfaces between 0.2 and 17.00 ha, an administrative area, household utilities, green areas and network protection areas, an interna! trafficking system.
Calea Torontalului St., Km 6 Timisoara, Timis
Tel: +40 256 220 801, +40 256 220 984
Timisoara Technological and Industrial Park (PITT) is located at a distance of 6 km from the city's center, on the DN6 national road, being a project undertaken by the Tunis. County Council and the Timis Economic Development Agency, to support the development of SMEs in fields such as IT, communications, electronics and electrical engineering, automotive and other industries that use advanced and non-polluting technologies, cleaner production technology, design, research and logistics. It provides the option of leasing 25 plots which range in size from 950 to 8.420 square.
119 Zizinului St., Brasov, Brasov
Tel: +40 268 333 674
Fax:+40 268 321 244
The Association of Industrial, Technological, Scientific Parks and Business Incubators in Romania (APITSIAR) was founded in Brasov in 2005. The Association currendy consists of 22 main members. APITSIAR was created to promote and protect the interests of its mem-bers, to promote die sustainable development of industrial, technological, scientific parks and business incubators, and to attract investments. APITSIAR is a member of EURADA and IASP.
Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration
17 Apolodor St. Bucuresti, Ilfov
Tel: +40 372 111 443
General Direction Public Administration -Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration is responsable for authorising the industrial parks under the law statements. The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration has, among it's main objectives, also the support for the development of new industrial parks, especially for high end industries (electronics, IT, precision mechanics, etc.).
WDP Romania
1 Baia de Arama Street, 022204, Sector 2, Bucharest
Tel: +40 730 092 701
Valentin Stanciulescu
WDP is the market leader in Benelux and a major player through its efficient customized services of development, letting and management of logistical and industrial property, with a portfolio of approx. 2 million square meters of warehouses, distribution centers and industrial spaces in Europe. In Romania, WDP is developing a portfolio of 10 logistic and industrial parks in strategic locations (including but not limited to Ploiesti, Pitesti, Constanta, Brasov, Bucharest area etc.). The project in Oarja - Pitesti (Arges) and Codlea (Brașov) are fully operational.